Summer Schools


Research workshops and academies with a cross-institutional and cross-national emphasis to achieve strong research collaboration and significant results are also part of interACT’s mission. This ensures cross-cultural internationalization of the faculty, students and staff. 



interACT organised six summer academies:

  • Simultaneous Speech Translation of Fluent Speech, France, 2011
  • Multilingual Language Recognition and Speech Translation, HKUST, 2008
  • Chinese-English Language Recognition and Speech Translation, UKA, 2007
  • Image Processing, France, 2006
  • Speech-to-Speech-Translation and Evaluation, CMU, 2005
  • Summarization of Spoken Language, Pittsburgh & Tokyo, 2004



interACT organizes summer schools with participants from all interACT-partners, including international guests. KIT, CMU and HKUST already hosted the interACT schools.